Author: Ms. Khunthana PHIMMASONE

Advisor:   Vilayphone PHOUSAVANH

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is part of higher diploma degree at Lao-Top College with the topic: “Factors influencing students’ problems in speaking English at Pakpasak College.” Nowadays English is language with which people can communicate with each other internationally. Therefore, English language obviously, should be used correctly to avoid misunderstanding, especially in speaking. Speaking closely links to listening. An oral skill entails both listening and making appropriate responses for various purposes and contexts.

The objectives of this research are:

  1. To find out the confidence of students when they speak English. 
  2. To find out the problem when students speak English.

This project aims to investigate the factor creating problem that student while speaking English in the class and in their careers. Additionally, some solutions to overcome such nervous are also investigated. To address to the quantitative and objectives study that using questionnaire to investigate English speaking problem of participants has been conducted at Pakpasak college evening section.

The research including five chapters such as chapter I was introduction, chapter 2 was literature review, chapter 3 was methodology, chapter 4 was result and chapter 5 was conclusion. The questionnaires were distributed on December, 2020 to the students who were studying at Pakpasak College in evening session.

The findings of this research, as the collect data was analyzed, we known the factors and reasons that make Pakpasak students problem speak English and also known how to solution their English speaking. Students frequently worried about language proficiency. From the results, it is obviously indicated that using correct grammar structures, misplacing adjective and adverbs, and using wrong tenses, for example, are annoying for a large number of participants. Moreover, a limitation of vocabulary knowledge is another difficulty for most of participants. As a result, the delivery of massages is often unsuccessful while speaking English. More importantly.

Dealing with pronunciation is another factor reducing the participants” confidence in speaking English. In other words, the feeling of making inappropriate pronunciation.



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