Author: Mr. Pisanou NILAVONG

Advisor: Mr. Premchay KHOTPANYA

Academic Year: 2019-2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is a part of higher diploma degree of general English department at the Lao-Top College with the topic: Students’ Apply English into a daily life of the department of International Entanglement of Faculty of Law and Political Science. As we know well, almost of the countries all around the world use English, an international language, as a second language to communicate. And the part of speech is an also important part of English language.

The objectives of this research are:

To find out the method, skill and technique of using English into their daily life of students.

To find out the ways to their use to improve the skill

This thesis used the questionnaires as a main tool to collect the information and data from the participants. The questionnaires have 4 main parts. The first part is the demographic data. There contained 3 questions such as gender, age, and class. Secondly, it is an answer to the questions, there were 4 questions. The third part is an answering about what English skills development is good for you? (in your own thoughts in order to be truly applied in everyday life). The last one is to get the opinion of students on applying English into daily life.

The research included 5 Chapters such as Chapter 1 introduction, Chapter 2 literature reviews, Chapter 3 methodology, Chapter 4 result, and Chapter 5 Conclusion.

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