Author:Ms. Bounvilay VILAYPHONE

Advisor:Mrs. Phounilat SINNACHONE

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is part of the higher diploma degree in Lao-Top College with the topic: StudentsAwareness on Using the Past Simple: A case study at Patthana High Schoolas we know well English is used as an international language in many countries in the worldwide past simple, it is very important part of English language. So, I want to know the students’ knowledge of using past simple.

The objectives of this research are: 

  • How much knowledge of students know on using past simple?
  • What is the student’s opinion on why past tense is important for learning English?

Questionnaire was the main tool to correct the information and data. The questionnaires have 3 parts. The first was personal information that consist three questions such as gender, age, and year of study. Second, it is test knowledge of students that consists 8 questions and third, it is important of past simple.

The research in concluding five chapters such as: chapter 1 was introduction, chapter 2 was literature review, chapter 3 was methodology, chapter 4 was result and chapter 5 was conclusion. The questionnaire distributed on July, 2020 to the students who were studying at the Patthana High School.

The result of this research is students in the Patthana High School have high understand of using past simple, such as they could correct answer and understand how to use past simple.As a researcher I have been working on this research for three months. However, there might have some mistakes in grammatically. Here, I apologize for those faults and also, I hope that this research would be very useful information to students

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