Author:Souksakhone LATXAVONG

Advisor:Bell PHUMIVON

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


The thesis is a past of high diploma degree at Lao-Top College with topic: “A
Study on Students’ Awareness towards Using Simple Past Tense: A case at
Academy of Economic and Finance”. As we know well there are many countries in
around the word use English as international language.
The objectives of this research are:

  1. To find out the awareness student know on using past simple.
  2. To find out the important of Past Simple Tense.
    Questionnaire was the main tool to collect the information and data. The
    questionnaires have 4 parts as: 1. The personal information, 2. The test knowledge of
    student “Do you know simple past tense?”, 3. In your opinion how important is the
    (simple past), 4. Comment and suggestion.
    The research including five chapter such as chapter 1 is introduction, chapter 2 is
    literature review, chapter 3 is methodology, chapter 4 is result and chapter 5 is
    conclusion. The program “SPSS” was used to analyze the data from questionnaire.
    The finding of this research, the result of the questionnaires were conducted at
    Academy of Economic and Finance has been found that the students understood and
    knew about the usages of Simple Pat Tense. Most students knew and understood how to
    use, but in fact there were some students were still confused in using and remembering
    the rule. They knew to use Simple past tense in the true definitions, structures and
    changing verbs.
    As research have been working on this researcher for 5 months. However, there might
    have some mistakes in grammatically. Here, I apologize for that fault and also I hope
    that this research would be very useful information to students who are interested in-

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