Author:Chandavone PHOUNSAVATH


Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis title is “Students’ Comprehension and Ability Toward Using
Articles: A Case Study at Romeo English Academy” As we know, many countries in
and around the world use English as their official language and our world uses English
as an international language. Thus, using grammar is a very important part of English
The objectives of this research are:

  1. To find out the students’ comprehension of using articles.
  2. To find out the students’ ability using articles.
  3. To find out the students’ attitude on using articles.
    The research includes five chapters such as, Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2:
    Literature review, Chapter3: Methodology, Chapter 4: Result and Chapter 5:
    Conclusion. The questionnaires were distributed in June 2020 to the students who were
    studying at the Romeo English Academy.
    Questionnaire was the main tool to collect the information and data. The
    questionnaire was divided into 4 parts. The first part was personal information that
    consists of three questions such as, gender, age and education. Second part was
    students’ comprehension of using articles that consists of 7 questions. Third part was
    students’ ability using articles that consists of 12 exercises and the last part was
    students’ attitude on using articles that consists of 8 opinions. The tool of this research
    was SPSS program version 26, whole data and analyzed as frequency and percentage.
    The findings of this research, as per the collected analyzed data, we now know the
    students’ comprehension and ability of using articles, how much they comprehend
    about how to use articles. The results showed that most students know how to use
    articles. However, they cannot identify the meaning of articles. Consequently, most of
    them should be aware and pay more attention to learn and practice those using articles.
    Thus, the researcher presented several recommendations and suggestions to go further
    in this field.

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