Advisor:Mr. Chanthaxay CHATOUPHONEXAY,

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


The name of this research is “student’s understanding in using Simple
Future Tense: A case study of English students at Viengsavanh High School”. The
present investigation aims to explore:

  1. To find out percentage of the students’ understanding in using “Simple
    Future Tense” at Viengsavanh High School.
  2. To find out the problems and solution in using “Simple Future Tense” of
    the students at Viengsavanh High School.
    In order to achieve this research objective, the methodology research was
    applied. One set of the questionnaire was used to collect the data. And the descriptive
    statistics was used to analyze the quantitative data from the students’ questionnaire.
    The finding reveals that majority of the students in the high school that had low
    level of understanding how to use “Simple Future Tense” in correct ways. Most of
    them could not answer questionnaire well. Some of the students did not understand the
    meaning of “Simple Future Tense” and don’t understand how to “Simple Future
    Tense” in right time and situation. To these problems, the teachers could not control the
    students to study English, and the students did not pay their full attention to study.
    The research is divided into 5 chapters, as chapter 1 – Introduction, chapter 2 –
    Literature review and related studies, chapter 3- Methodology, chapter 4 – Result and
    Interpretation and chapter 5 – conclusion and Recommendation.

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