Here are 6 steps for learning English through movies

You can’t just watch movies for fun, but you can take the profit from them to learn English. There are many way to find some movies, such as steaming platform, Blue Ray or even on YouTube. Movies provide language that is using in real-life. It is useful for improving your spoken English. Here are 6 steps for learning English through movies.

1. Select your favorite one

– Only favorite can take your attention well.

– Animation is the best choice for the beginners, because they use an easy language that most people can understand. 

– Avoid learning with complex language movies.

2. Watch in your well-known language first

– Watch in the language you understand most in order to know characters ‘speech or plot.

3. Divide into small section

– Separate it into a small scene, 3-5 minutes each.

– Learn from two – three scenes per day are OK for you or more than those if you enjoy doing.

4. Note down  new words or phreses

-Turn on subtitle

– Prepare your note and jot down words or phrares you’ve never seen before and you really need to know it.

– Try to look up at English to English dictionary first.

– Note its definition and your own languege maening on your notebook.

– You don’t have to take note every word. It ‘s kind of anoying if you always interrupt yourself by pausing every unkhown word.

5. Repeat what characters say

 – Rewind to the beginning of the scene again.

– Imitate what characters say in each speech.

– Try to repeat their sentences with their intonation.

6. Watch without subtitle

– Watch again by turning off subtitle with that scene.

– You will be ready to listen the whloe scene without any subtitle.

– This callenge is going to  show how much understanding you have.

– Do it until you finish that secsion.

In addition, it would be better if you understand that movie more than 90%. It’s OK to take much time to finish one movie. Learning English with movies is really fun for learners who are seeking English skill improvement.

Need to know vocabulary

scene =  a single piece of action in the film that happen in one place (ສາກໜັງ)

improve = to make something better (ພັດທະນາ)

jot down = to write short of imformation down quickly  (ຈົດບັນທຶກໄວ້)

plot = main story of flim  (ເນື້ອເລື່ອງໜັງ)

subtitle = caption displayed at the the bottom of movie  (ຄຳບັນຍາຍ)

Composed by Bell Phoumivong
Edited by Phanthavilai Nouanehoune

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