Author: Ms. Chansamone KEOMANYVONG

Advisor:Mr. Phanthavilai NOUANEHOUNE

Academic Year: 2019-2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This research aimed to identify the students ‘awareness toward using Medical Terminology, to determine the problems faced with medical words of students, to survey students’ opinion on the importance of medical term. The respondents of the study were the year-4 medical students majoring in Faculty of Medicine at university of Health science. A questionnaire was utilized to collect the data, which were analysed using the SPSS program.

The findings indicated that a large quantity of students ranked their awareness at a moderate level. The problems students faced with medical terminology are to confuse the similar vocabulary and grammatical problems, idea organization and background knowledge to link with what they read or write. For improvement tactic for using medical words, student believe that if they want to advance their in medical term capabilities that they need to develop grammatical knowledge, enlarge vocabulary range, exchange feedback on their performance, follow skilled user’s techniques or enroll in a specific medical terminology course

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