Author: Mr. Bounsak BOUNMADA

Advisor: Miss. Khonsavanh VONGVANNAXAY

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is a part of high diploma degree of general English department at Lao-Top College with the topic: “Awareness of students on using pronoun at University of Lao faculty of Education”. The present investigation aims to explore: 1. to find out how must students understand about pronoun. 2. To find out why do the students get confused about using pronoun? 3. To find out what are student’s problem about using pronoun.

In order to achieve these research objectives, a method research was employed. One set of questionnaire was used to collect data. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze quantitative data form students’ questionnaire. The questionnaires were the main tool to collect data. There are 4 part of the questionnaires. The first part was personal information. The second, it’s student’s awareness on using pronoun. The third, it’s choose the correct answer to complete the sentence. The last one, it’s the ways that they choose to study pronoun.

The finding revealed that, majority of the students at University of Lao faculty of Education have a high understanding about using pronoun tenses with different situation but have someone still confused with digest types of pronoun. These problems happened because teacher not focus in this point and overlook the importance of digest using pronoun with appropriate situation, and student do not pay attention to study. It going to be a big problem for them in the future, because when they get a job they have to use writing with communicates many company or organization, so it helpful when they have high understanding. 

The research includes 5 chapters such as chapter 1 – Introduction, chapter 2 is Literature review and Related, chapter 3 – Methodology, chapter 4 – Result and Interpretation and chapter 5 – Conclusion and Recommendation.



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