Author: Mr. Thapadith ALOUNTHONG

Advisor:Souksavay KHAMBANXAY,

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is part of high diploma degree at Sonephithak Lao College with the topic “Students Awareness on Noun Clauses at Sonephithak Lao College”. As we know well there are many countries in around the world use English as international language and noun clauses is one of grammatical which is included In English writing and grammar.

The objectives of this research are: 

  1. To find out ability of students on using noun clause at Sonephithak Lao College.
  2. To find out impacts of students’ awareness on using noun clause at Sonephithak Lao College.
  3. To find out perspectives on reasons of students’ awareness on using noun clause at Sonephithak Lao College.

Questionnaire was the main tool to collect the information and data. The questionnaires have 5 parts. Part1 was information that consists of five questions as gender, age, year, part2 was Basic theory of Noun Clauses, part3 was Exercise, and part4 was Statements of awareness and part5: Sharing opinion

The research including five chapters such as chapter 1 was introduction, chapter 2 was literature review, chapter 3 was methodology, chapter 4 was results and interpretation and chapter 5 was conclusion and reference. The questionnaire was distributed on JUNE, 2019 to the students who were studying at Sonephithak Lao College in evening session.

The finding of this research, as the collect data was analyzed, we have known after the study that the large number of students here have a low level ability on using noun clause but the most students have considered the importance of using noun clause in sentence. Beside we can see the many negative impact of students. 

I, as research have been working on this research for three months and half exactly. However, there might have some mistakes in grammatical. Here, I apologize for faults and also, I hope that this research will be very useful information to students in next generation who are interested in other topic that is similar to this topic. 



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