Author:  Mr. Anouxa XAYYADETH

Advisor: teacher Vilayphone PHOUSAVANH

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College



This thesis is a part of higher diploma degree of general English department at Lao-Top College which is entitled in Study on Awareness Towards Using Parallel Structure in English of Maha Buddhavongsa Palouang Sangha Upper Secondary Schools’ Students. English is an essential language that is being used worldwide and very famous in most of the countries. But to make it easy to learn or understand it is also one of a good strategy to know. 

The objectives in this research are:

– To find out students awareness toward using parallel structure 

– To find out how much students use parallel structure in learning English and if they correctly use it. 

– To investigate the problems of learning parallel structure.

The thesis used a quantitative research to collect data from the research site and the questionnaire mainly consists of 5 parts. 

The research consists of 5 chapters: 1. Introduction, 2. Literature Review and Related Research, 3. Research Methodology, 4. Result and Interpretation, 5. Conclusion, Discussion, and Suggestion.


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