Advisor:Mr Bell PHOUMIVONG

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is a part of high diploma degree at Lao-Top College which the topic. “Students awareness towards using present simple a case study at Lao-International College” As we know well there are many countries in around the world use English as their official language and in our world use English as an international language.

The objective of this research are:

1. To find out Lao International College students know the present simple.

2. To investigate awareness of the students’ Lao-international College on using the Present Simple correctly and appropriately.

Questionnaire was the main tool to collect the information or data. In questionnaire there are five parts. The first part is personal information that consists of three questions gender, age and the class you study. For the second part is answering these questions and choose the correct answer, that has 5 sub question about using present simple in many situation for the students or the sample choose the correct answer. The third part is circle the correct answer. In this part has 11 questions and each questions have 4 choices. The four parts is choosing which negative\question sentences correct are.

The research included 5 chapters. There are chapter 1 introduction, 2 literature review, chapter 3 methodology, chapter 4 result and interpretation and chapter 5 conclusions. The questionnaires were distributed on July, 2020 to the students who were studying at Lao-International College from year 1 and year 3.

To finding of the research, as the collect data was analyzed, we know the fluent of using present simple and their understanding of using present simple that make students at Lao-International College sometimes using the present simple wrong.

I, as the researcher have been working on this research for four months. However, there might have some mistake in grammatically. Here, I apologize for those faults and also hope that this research would be very useful information to students who are interested in present simple.

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