Author : Ms. Soudalath VANHNASITH

Advisor: Mr. Bounkong CHOMMANYVONG

Academic Year: 2019-2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College

This thesis is a part of a higher diploma degree at Lao-Top college with the topic being “Student’s Comprehension and Ability towards Reading English: A Case Study at Banking Institute.” As we know well there are many countries around the world use English as an international language. Hence, the purpose of this research, I intend to examine the student’s comprehension and ability to read English, when they are graduating from Lao-Top college,
The objective of this research are:

  1. To find out the students’ comprehension and ability on Reading English.
  2. To find out the student attitude on Reading.
    The research includes five chapters, such as chapter 1: introduction, chapter 2: literature review, chapter 3: methodology, chapter 4: result, and chapter 5: conclusion. Questionnaires were distributed on July 6, 2020, to the students who were studying at Banking Institute, continue the Bachelor degree system on Accounting and Finance project, Evening section.
    After the researcher presented a literature review for this study, she designed a test to collect data from choosing 126 samples in 3 classes. The participants included three classes are Class ACE219, ACE319andACE419 from Banking Institute. The researcher used questionnaires for the main tool to collect information and data. The questionnaire has 4 parts. (1) the part was personal information that consists of six questions such as gender, age, and class, (2) was to find out how much student’s comprehension and ability on reading English that consists of 11 questions . (3) was to find out student attitude on reading that consists of 12 Questions. (4), the recommendation of respondents. Finally, the results of this study shown that over 80% of student comprehends and ability on reading English and the most number of student’s attitude level got average 4.40 up or on strongly agree level. The researcher presented some recommendation and suggestion for further study.

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