Author: Ms. Sombath NHUNLAVONG

Advisor: Mr. Vilaysone SIOUNHEUAN

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This research aimed to study factors affecting speaking English anxieties and to study the level of speaking English anxieties of students studying in Lao – Top College. As we know well, almost of the countries all around the world use English, an international language, as a second language to communicate. And the part of speech is an also important part of English language.

This research used the questionnaires as a main tool to collect the information and data from the participants. The population was 39 students, Foundation 2 and 4. The instrument used for data collection was a two sectioned questionnaire. Data were analyzed by SPSS program for percentages and mean. The findings of the study indicate that: 

1. Factors affecting anxiety in the English-speaking of Foundation 1 and 2 students studying at Lao – Top College indicate that students have anxieties if the others students will laugh at them when they speak English is at a moderate level (xˉ = 3.44). 

2. Levels of anxiety in the English-speaking of fourth year students is at a moderate level too. 

The research included 5 chapters such as chapter 1 introduction, chapter 2 literature review, chapter 3 methodology, chapter 4 result, and chapter 5 conclusion



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