Author: Ms. Oui KEOMANY

Advisor: Mr. Vilaysone Siounheuan

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


As we have realized that Speaking English is more significant for our daily life such as educations, workings and also in negotiations with the foreigners. So, well speaking English is speaking English without an anxiety because an anxiety is a main obstacle that influencing in speaking English without good effective and abnormal. As a result, I decided to study the graduating project on the topic: Factors Influencing Students Anxiety in Speaking English at Lao international college”. 

On this researching, we have studied about Anxiety Theory, English Speaking Theory and many factors that influence to students’ anxiety in speaking English. The main objectives for this researching, we would like to realize about the factors influencing students’ anxiety in speaking English that make students feel anxiety, study about the students ability in speaking English and recommend the possible solutions to students on how to cope with their anxiety when speaking English.

 In addition, about this study we have created the questionnaires and collected the information with the target students as year 2 students at Lao International College which are 100 students. After that we have analyzed the results and it found that the most of the students have level of anxiety in speaking English during moderate anxiety, be able to speak English in fair level and their characteristics are not assertive as well. In term of psychology factors, indicated that students are afraid of making mistakes or afraid that their teachers and friends don’t understand, feel shy to speak English in front of many people and lack of confidence when teacher calls them to answer the questions in English. Moreover, the linguistic factors that influence to students feel anxiety because of they are worry about the English grammar such as when they speak English people say that they always make grammatical mistakes and an others factor are, they lack of adequate vocabularies to use for discussion and they are anxiety with their pronunciation when they have incorrect pronunciation and people act like they don’t understand them. The last, is contextual factors as the language, some students are feel worry because English is not their first language and at the same time they also feel anxiety when they speak English with someone who is good at English and their English is not utilization because nobody speaks English in their house or society.



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