Author: Ms. Amphaphone YONGVONGSITH

Advisor: Mr. Somsack HONGVICHIT

Academic Year: 2019 – 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is part of high diploma degree at Lao Coca-Cola Bottling Company Limited with the topic: “The problem of communication in English: A case study at Lao Coca-Cola Bottling Company Limited” As we know well there are many countries in around the world use English as international language and speaking is very important part of English language. 

The objectives of this research are:

  1. To find out the factor that staff have anxiety for communication in English 
  2. To find out the problem of communication in English.
  3. To find out the investigate the staff’s motivation toward communication in English.

Questionnaire was the main tool to collect the information and data. The questionnaires have 4 parts. The first part was personal background information that 8 questions such as gender, age, division, How much do you speaking English per day, consists, How much do you speaking English per day, What is your level of speaking English, How often do you practice speaking English, How many problem do you have with speaking English. 

Second, it is views the problems of staff that create anxiety to speaking English that consists of 2 parts, the first part was the most difficult part of speaking English that I have to that consists of 6 questions and the second part was the problem hinders my speaking English skill is. The third, it is view the motivation towards speaking English of the staff at Lao Coca-Cola Bottling Company Limited that consists of 8 questions and finally, that is opinions and suggestions solving the problems. The research including five chapters such chapter 1 was introduction, chapter 2 was literature review, chapter 3 was methodology, chapter 4 was result and chapter 5 was conclusion.

The research has been working on June and July. Here, I apologize for some mistakes in grammatical and for that fault. I hope that research would be very useful information to the students who interests in similar research. 



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