Author: Anoudeth BOUNYAVONG

Advisor: Mr.Somsack HONGVICHIT

Academic Year: 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


English language and communication abilities are an essential part of the global staff. However, the English usage of employees is also a problem aims to gauge the perceived levels of their general English language proficiency, to explore their English communicative problems, to investigate their perceived abilities when performing English-related tasks in an Air traffic controller workplace communication situation, and to obtain feedback on staff performances from English instructors in English for Specific staff courses. The participants include52 people, use English for work and questionnaire for staff at Lao Air Traffic Management

The staff and a series of interview questions. The results revealed that (a) although the staff perceived their abilities to be at a fair level, they experienced difficulty using skills in English communication; (b) the English-related tasks that the staff performed best and worst in were reading, speaking, writing and unclear vocabulary pronunciation tasks respectively; and (c) in the courses, the ability of the staff to use English in the ‘real world’ was not dramatically improved, and (d) Approximately 40% of staff still have problems using English. Results would benefit to staff and stakeholders in terms of increasing awareness of the English language and communication problems, pronunciation, writing, and vocabulary regard to the contemporary staff at Lao Air Traffic Management

Keywords: English language skills, workplace communication skills, English for Specific Purposes, staff.

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