Author: Ms. Phonesavanh PHAENGPHET

Advisor: Mr. Lamphan VONGMANYVANH

Academic Year: 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


The objective of this research is to study “Students’ understanding on compound sentence a case Study of English Faculty, Kaisone Phomvihane Academy of National Defense” this study is to support and encourage the students who are learning English in Laos especially new English learners generation in Lao-Top college be more activate and extended the knowledge on the grammar particular compound sentence. The objective of this research are to find out:

To find out the number of student who write or use compound sentence correctly.

To find what are the mistakes appeared in their sentences.

This book is important for the language learning and teaching who are finding out the grammatically especially in compound sentence. Also, this book might be place in the library, it is very useful for the new English learner who are focusing on the sentence structure or need to know more and clear about the compound sentence. Moreover, it might use for guiding to the students who are doing the next final project on the compound sentence.

This book was created during the writer’s colleagues were argued on the compound sentence, and more students facing the problem on using compound sentence when they are writing the paragraph and essay. As well as, they practiced doing the exercise during the class. Therefore, I decided to choose this topic as the concern problem to find out what exactly my research sample understood the compound sentence. In this book is covered in the main five chapters. The first chapter is to focus on the introduction of English grammar in general and to state the problem occur. The second chapter, you can learn the some usage and the rule of using compound sentence. The third chapter is to clarify the way to do this book, and the last two chapters are to interpret the result of the research and sum up all the result on this book.

This book is also suitable for the new educators who are doing the final project and it is good for English learners especially grammatically on the compound sentence.

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