Continuous Tense

Author:Mr. Chitbanchong CHANTHAMATH

Advisor:Phounilath SINNACHONE

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This study is a part higher diploma degree of General English department at
Lao-Top College. It aimed to investigate Year 4 medicine awareness toward present
continuous tense. The participants of this study were fourth year’s students majoring in
Medical Doctor in the Faculty of Medicine in academic year 2019-2020 at University of
Health and Science. A questionnaire was a main tool to collect the information from the
participants which consisted of 4 parts. Part 1, is gathered respondents’ profile such as,
sex, age, English college, parents’ occupation. Part 2, is to get the answers of the
respondents’ awareness to use present continuous tense. Part 3, is the way to improve
their learning present continuous to get respondent’s idea what they chose to learn from.
Part4 is the difficult of learning present continuous tense to get their problem that they
are facing to. All the data that was collected were analyzed by the SPSS program.
There were 5 chapters on this study research: chapter 1, introduction, chapter 2,
literature review, chapter 3, methodology, chapter 4, result and interpretation, and
chapter 5, conclusion.

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