Author:Lattanaphone VONGSANITH

Advisor:Mr. Salongxay LARDSABOUD

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


In achieving the purpose of this study, 14 students were selected as the sampling
of this study. The study was carried out for four weeks of teaching.
Therefore, on this study we emphasize to find out the achievement of teaching
writing skills as written feedback in Grade 12 students or high school students.
The present study explored the effectiveness of different types of written
feedback and error logs in L2 writing focused on English grammar. To examine
students’ improvement, analysis of three writing tasks and grammaticality
determination were carried out. Statistical analysis of the data showed that corrective
feedback was effective on the acquisition of English grammar, and keeping error logs
after receiving corrective feedback was effective to help students to better retain the
received corrective feedback.
The results suggest that receiving corrective feedback and keeping error logs
can have a positive effect on L2 acquisition.

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