Author:Ms. Phaiyaly SISAWATH

Advisor:Mr. Virakhan XAYXANA

Academic: Year 2020

Publisher: Lao-Top College


This thesis is a part of higher diploma degree of general English department at
Lao-Top College with the topic: Student awareness towards using Past Perfect Tense-A
case study of faculty of law. The present investigation aims to explore:
•To find out if Faculty of Law Students know the structure of the past perfect.
•To find out problems of why students can’t use past perfect tense correctly.
•To study the behavior Faculty of Law Students for learning English, practicing
and usage past perfect tense
In order to achieve these research objectives, a method research was employed. One set
of questionnaires was used to collect data. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze
quantitative data form students’ questionnaire.
The findings revealed that, majority of the students in
Faculty of Law have a high understanding about using past perfect tense. Such
As Knowing of the structure the past perfect. Understand how to use past perfect tense
correctly. Past perfect tense is important to describe an action finished before another
past action.
The research includes 5 chapters such as chapter 1 – Introduction, chapter 2 is
Literature review and Related studied, chapter 3 – Methodology, chapter 4 – Result and
Interpretation and chapter 5 – Conclusion and Recommendation. When I have gotten the
data from questionnaires, I used the program “SPSS” to analyze the data.
I as research have been working on this research for 5months. However, there
might have some mistakes in grammatically. Here, I apologize for that fault and also I
hope that this research would be very useful information to students who are interested
in similar this topic

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