According to five educational approaches which are derived from Ministry of Education and Sports, especially Arts and Physical Education. Every college should have club of activities for students to join and spend their free times without drugs and alcohol. Lao-Top College has pushed up the government policy by releasing three new clubs in the college, such as “Football Club (Sam)”, “Music Club – Black Tetra Band (Lat)”, “Dance Club (Tar)” and “News Paper Club – Ivory Post (Ben)”.
Last Friday, September 21st, 2012, each club had a first meeting to let the in charge teachers introduce their clubs. The highlight of meeting is the audition of Music Club, there were many students joined that club and paid their attention to their friend who was performing on the stage.

The students feel very excited and interested in the activities that have been initiated for them so that they can both learn and enjoy with their classmates. In near future, more clubs will be emerged to enhance the students’ talent. Students not only study in the classroom but also study through the activities.

Next meeting will be held on September 28, 2012. If any students are interested, please apply to any clubs.

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