Last weekend, Lao-Top College conducted a survey of primary schools in remote areas of Khammuan Province to evaluate their equipment requirements and find some new excursion locations.
Early on August 18, 2012 Lao-Top College went to Khammuan Province to search out a new location for students who will graduate this year. The first day we visited Pha Pa Fa cave (ຖ້ຳພະປາຝາ). Along the way to the cave we found a primary school named ………. There are 3 class rooms with 5 years of students—they have to split the students into 2 groups to study in morning and afternoon sessions. On that day the school was under reconstruction, so we went to Nang And Cave (ຖ້ຳນາງແອ່ນ).
The next day we went to Phra That Muang Kao (ພຣະທາດເມືອງເກົ່າ) and Kong Lor Cave (ຖ້ຳກອງລໍ). On the way back to Vientiane we found a few other primary schools damaged and under construction.


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