Final Report Titles


ID Name Title Teacher Degrec
1000045 Mr. Bannavong  XAYYAVONG The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Mr.Oud  HP
1000051 Ms.Saengdavy PHANTHAVONG The capital city of  Laos Mr .phanthavilai HP
1000096 Mr.Anikone PHOTHISALATH Pollution Mr.Oud  HP
1000104 Ms.Phonemala NORASING Patuxay”Victory Arch in VIENTIANE” Mr.Vilaikhan HP
1000196 Ms.Viengsavanh INTHAVONG Nam Theun 2 Mr.Oud  HP
1000456 Mr.Vithaya SOUTHAMMAVONG Microsoft Corporation Mr.Vilaikhan HP
1000457 Ms.Litthida SOUKKASARM Golden Stupa Mr.Vilaikhan HP
1000636 Mr.Souksangna PHENGDY Global Warming Mr.Oud  HP
1000643 Mr.Soulignasack LIEMPHRACHANH The Seven Wonders of the World Mr .phanthavilai HP
1000035 Ms. Viengvimone CHANTHABOUATHONG LAO P.D.R Mr.Vilaikhan HP
1000564 Ms.Khamphaibone PHIMMASONE Dengue Fever Mr.Oud  HP
1000634 Ms.Chanligna PHENGDY Lao Postal Enterprise Specializing in Financial and planning Division Mr .phanthavilai HP


ID Name Title Teacher Degrec
1000034 Mr.Lodsada KHOUNNAVONGSA ASEAN Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000086 Ms.ChanhaAphone SANKUNYA The Champasak Library Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000132 Ms.Layoth SILIPANYA Sisaket Temple Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000447 Ms.Phonesavanh SONGTHAVONE Monaco Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000737 Ms.Touktavanh THIENGTHAM The princess of Wales, Diana Mr.Oud  HP
1000810 Ms.Viphavady MEKSATHONG Lao Silk Textile Mr.Oud  HP
1000391 Ms.Viengsavanh MANISAY Human trafficking Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000401 Ms.Lattana SENGDALA The Deaf People in Lao Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1001222 Ms.Souksathaphone CHANTHAMATH Pregnancy Care Mr.Oud  HP
1000594 Ms.Phouthong SOUTHISOMBATH EDUCATION IN LAOS Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000754 Mr.Mesha SINGHARASH 25  SEA GAMES Mr.Oud  HP
1000218 Mr.Saysana KHANTHAVONG Sayaboury Province Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000966 Mr.Pougearn XAYABOUT Tropical Lao food Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000476 Mr.Duangphachan INTHACHACK Water Supply Mr.Oud  HP
10001510 Mr.Phongphath NOYVONG CHAMPASAK PROVINCE Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000921 Mr.Sisavath CHANTHAPHASOUK Vang Vieng District Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000101 Mr.Bounthavy CHANTHONGTHIP Conputer Viruses   HP
1001011 Ms.Noutchalin SITAPHONG HIV/AIDS   HP
1001146 Mr.Sonexay NUNTHAVONGDUANGSY Phu Bia Mining Ms.Vilayphone HP
1000753 Mr.Saynilanh KOUMPHOL Lao Development Bank   HP
1000786 Mr.Pouthasith SOUTHMMAKOSARN The Relationship of FDI and GDP Growth rate    HP
1000187 Mr.Santisouk PHOMMARATH  Borlikhamxai Province Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000063 Ms.Souliphone BOUALAPHAN OLYMPIC Mr.Oud  HP
1000493 Ms.Lucky SAYASITH Central Bank (The Bank of lao P.D.R) Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000183 Ms.Malavanh SYPHOTHONG Lao Bankhotes Mr.Oud  HP
1000103 Mr.Phonesavanh VONGXAI  Tourist Attraction in Lao Mr.Vilaykhan HP
1000125 Mr.Santisouk SINORLAPHET Apple Models Mr.Oud  HP
1000606 Mr.Malanh PHETSAVONG FIFA World Cup Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000556 Mr.Vilaysack SENGPHOUTHAY Mobile Phone Mr.Vilaykhan HP


ID Name Title Teacher Degrec
1001165 Ms.Anoulack PHINMASONE Banking and Finance Mr.tongvongkhan HP
1000654 Ms.Mala SOUKSAVANH Private schools Development in vientiane   HP
1000844 Ms.Alounny KEOHONGSA Arabica Lao Coffee   HP
1000560 Ms.Boausi LILAVONG Traffic Accidents in vientiane   HP
1000167 Ms.Alisa PHONGSA Lao Coffee Trading   HP
1001110 Mr.Somphone KANBOUNPHENG Rural Areas Development in Laos   HP
1001770 Mr.Phitsadan SOUTHIPHANH ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)   HP
1001672 Mr.Arthit SENGMANEE The Education Development of Laos   HP
1000953 Mr.Senaluck THIPHALAVANH The ethnic groups in Lao P.D.R Mr.Oud  HP
1000698 Ms.Kesonsavanh VANSAM The Role of Lao Women   HP
1000746 Mr.Vilaisack KHANTIVONG  Buddhism and beliefs in laos   HP
1000361 Mr.Bounkham SIMALIVONG Lao information and culture   HP
1000598 Mr.Onsee ONMARLINE The development in Laos after 1975   HP
1000908 Mr.Sindamone SONEPHAN UNDP in Laos Mr.Oud  HP
1000638 Mr.Xaypanya SOUVANNALATH Endangered animals in LAOS   HP
1000562 Mr.Phoutthalack SENGPHOUTHAY Hydroponic Mr.Oud  HP
1000777 Ms.Khemphone SIVICHANH Paticipatory agriculture and forest land use planning at village and village cluster level   HP
1000363 Mr.Phouthasay SIMALIVONG Association of southeast Asian Nations   HP
1001482 Ms.Chansamai RATTANASOUVANHNAPHON Kmhmn Livelihood in Laos   HP
1001375 Ms.Phitsana MINGBOUBPHA Wedding Traditions of Lao Loum   HP
1001435 Mr.Lattanavongsack HOUATHONGKHAM Environment Impact Assessment Of Nam Kan 2 HydroPower   HP
1000887 Ms.Vanida PHINLAVONG The importance of water   HP
10001472 Mr.Phisanou SAYASOUK  The Water System Management in Vientiane Mr.Oud  HP
1001050 Mr.Keopaseuth BANDAVONG Nutrition and Eating Mr.Oud  HP
1001982 Mr.Phonepaseuth KORNANTHACHACK Road accidents in Laos Mr.Oud  HP
1001798 Mr.Sonny VANNAVONG  Eco-tourism in Laos Mr.Oud  HP
1001284 Mr.Ounheuane KHAMDENG History of tour operators and agencies in LuangPraBang   HP
10001474 Mr.Vilaivong YOUBONPHARK The Lao Legal System   HP
10001578 Ms.Phimmalayvanh THAVONG LAO UNESCO World Heritage Site   HP
10001028 Mr.Nanthasone DALASEN Wildlife Conservation   HP
10001651 Mr.Meexay ONXAYYAVONG Sikhottabong Stupa   HP
10000679 Ms.Khamphouy KHAMMAVONG Recycling to Save the World   HP
10001704 Mr.Salucknai OUTTANASITH The Greater Mekong Sub-region Project   HP
10001164 Mr.Mainang OUPPAPHANH Electronic Commerce   HP
10001293 Ms.Phoudthasone PHETSAPHONE The Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone   HP
10001464 Mr.Anouthay PHIMPHINITH How Computerization has changed Lao Documentation   HP
10001459 Mr.Phoutthapanya SOUVANNAPHAN The Effects of Global Warming   HP
10000836 Ms.Phetsamai THEPPHASOLAT Housing and Real Estate Development   HP
10001909 Ms.Jibdaophone VONGPHACHAN The culture behind Lao Food   HP
10001834 Ms.Mita DOUANGBOUPHA Brewery Lao Company   HP
10001153 Ms.Pathoumphone SENGMANIPHONE Lao Weaving   HP
10000553 Mr.Vixaty PHONPANYA Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program   HP
10001720 Ms.Yuvady SOUTHAMMAKOT Facebook: How it has Changed the World   HP
1001021 Mr.Kiattiphoum  Catholicism   HP
10001605 Ms.Outhavanh BOUASANOUVNG Lao Security Exchange Mr.Oud  HP
10001473 Mr.Alexson SITTHISO The Population effect of accretion   HP
1001348 Ms.Chansoumaly SISAVANH Conference Organizing in Laos P.D.R   HP
1000576 Ms.souphansa TANLAMANY Fair trade in Lao    HP
1000951 Mr.Akasit CHANTHASIRI Narcotics   HP
10001158 Ms.Viengnakhone OUNALOM Organic cucumber at ban Xiengda   HP
1000952 Ms.Vongsavanh LOTTHAMMAVONG The Allure of Basketball in Asia   HP
10001008 Mr.Chanthamexay THAMMAVONG Poverty   HP
10001429 Ms.Saisathid KEOMEUNGNEUA Tiem and Time Management   HP
10001682 Mr.cChittaphone VANHNOLLAT HIV infection in Laos  Mr.Vilaysone HP
10001260 Ms.Chindavanh KEOMANYKHOD Birth control ang its use in laos   HP
10001763 Mr.Xaikham MYLEE  Human trafficking   HP
10001622 Mr.Eric SINOUVONG Biodiversity in the rice field   HP
10001931 Ms.Khammeth SOUNDALA Rice-Growing in Laos ang the Farmers life   HP
10001819 Ms.Vilaylack OUNDAVONG Diabetes and its effects in Laos Mr.Vilaysone HP
1000845 Ms.Soukdala SISOUVONG Lao PDRs Joining of the World Trade Organization   HP
10001368 Ms.Khitthachanh PHETOUTHONE Viengxay District, Houaphan Province the Birthplace of Lao PDR Mr.Oud  HP
1000850 Ms.Phanutda INTHAVONGKHAM Burning Rubbish Mr.Oud  HP
10001455 Mr.Kamphonh HUNGBUASONE Transportation in Vientiane Mr.Oud  HP
10001848 Ms.Viengxam VILAISOUK The LNTA and Visit Lao Year   HP
10001505 Ms.Saovany SOUVANHNASING The Effects of Acid Rain    HP
10001438 Mr.Souksavanh THONGSOULIYA Lao National Unexploded Ordnance (UXO LAO)   HP
10001471 Ms.Malina XAYYAVONG  Lao Culture and Teenagers   HP
10001678 Mr.Vixay BOUNNYVONG Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS)2011-Lao Mr.Vilaysone HP


ID Name Title Teacher Degrec
10001108 Mr.Dethdesa SAMOUNTRY ICT Development in Lao PDR   HP
1000555 Ms. Lutdavanh PHONGSAVANH Save The Children Laos PDR   HP
1000093 Mr.Khamphalaphone SORLUANGKHOT ANDROID Operating System   HP
1000759 Ms.Souphalack KANEKHAM  Hydro-electrice Power and its Use in Lao P.D.R   HP
10001788 Ms. Palita PHETSAIYA Forests-Deforestatione and Conservation   HP
10001503 Ms.Amita CHAMTHASIRI  Danger of Smoking   HP
1000628 Mr.Douangtavanh KONGPHALY  Research and  development of internet technology in Lao P.D.R   HP
10002020 Ms.Suphavady PHOTHISAT History of chao Anouvong and the New Park   HP
10001555 Ms.Chansamone SOUVANHSAI The European Union   HP
10001055 Mr.Natthaphone PHONGSAVANH 52 years of Lao National Radio (LNR)   HP

ITB 2012-2013

ID Name Title Teacher Degrec
  ທ. ສຸລະຈິດ ສຸກສີວົງໄຊ ລະບົບຄຸ້ມຄອງ-ຈັດການພະນັກງານພາຍໃນກົມສຳເນົາເອກະສານແຫ່ງຊາດ Mr. Sivilay HP
  ທ. ໄຊຍະວົງ ຈຸນລະມົນຕີ ຄວາມເພິ່ງພໍໃຈລູກຄ້າທີ່ມາໃຊ້ບໍລິການລົດ Hyundai Mr. Thipphakone HP
2512 ທ. ອາມອນສິນ ປັນຍາວົງ ລະບົບຈັດການ ແລະ ຄຸ້ມຄອງມັດທະຍົມຕົ້ນຈອມມະນີ Mr. Sivilay HP
2377 ທ. ແສງປະວີ ແກ້ວວົງສາ ສຶກສາພຶດຕິກຳການບໍລິໂພກນ້ຳອັດລົມແປັບຊີ Mr. Souliphon HP
2346 ທ. ທອງວັນ ບົວມະນີຈັນ ພຶດຕິກຳຄວາມເພິງພໍໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າທີ່ມາໃຊ້ບໍລິການ M-Point Mr. Thipphakone HP
2550 ທ. ໄຊຍະສິດ ອ່ອນຕາ ສຶກສາຄວາມເພິ່ງພໍໃຈຂອງນັກກສຶກສາເຕັກເນັກຊັບພະວິຊາປີ5 ທີ່ນຳໃຊ້ບັດ ATM ຂອງ BCEL Mr. Souliphon HP
2915 ທ. ເຂັມຄົມສິດ ຊະນະສີສານ ສຶກສາຄວາມເພິ່ງພໍໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າທີ່ເລືອກໃຊ້ບໍລິການຂອງ LTC Mr. Thipphakone HP
2396 ນ. ຕຸກຕາ ແສງໄມເນືອງ ສຶກສາແນວທາງຂອງການບໍລິການຄວາມເພິ່ງພໍໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າໂຮງແຮມລັດສະໝີ Mr. Thipphakone HP
2534 ນ. ໄພວັນ ແກ້ວດວງດີ ປັດໄຈທີ່ສົ່ງຜົນຕໍ່ການຕັດສິນໃຈຂອງປະຊາຊົນລາວທີ່ເຂົ້າມາເລືອກໃຊ້ບໍລິການ ທະນາຄານສົ່ງເສີມກະສິກຳ Mr. Thipphakone HP
2470 ທ. ສຸລາວັນ ຄຳພິທູນ ເວັບໄຊຈັດການ ແລະ ຄຸ້ມຄອງສິນຄ້າພາຍໃນຮ້ານ ນາງ ນ້ອຍ ຂາຍເຄື່ອງໃຊ້ໄຟຟ້າ Mr. Sivilay HP
2760 ທ. ດວງສະໝອນ ສີຫານາດ ສຶກສາຄວາມເພິ່ງພໍໃຈຂອງຄູໃນການສິດສອນຢູ່ເມືອງຫາດຊາຍຟອງ Mr. Souliphon HP

ITB 2013-2014

ID Name Title Teacher Degrec
1 ທ້າວ. ພິທະໄຊ ສີນາພອນ ປັດໃຈທີ່ມີອິດທິພົນຕໍ່ການຕັດສີນໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າທີ່ມາໃຊ້ບໍລິການ ເຮືອນພັກ ຈັນທະວີສຸກ Mr. Souliphon HP
2 ທ້າວ. ສົມມະໂນ ໂຄດສຸວັນ ວິເຄາະຕົ້ນທຶນ-ຜົນຕອບແທນທາງການເງິນ ໂຮງຮຽນປະຖົມສົມບູນ ສີວັດທະນາ ທີ່ໃຊ້ພາສາອັງກິດເຂົ້າໃນການສອນ Mr. Thipphakone HP
3 ທ້າວ. ຂັນມະນີ ສີພີມພາ Web site ລະບົບຈັດການປະຊາຊົນ ບ້ານ ໂພນສະຫວາດໃຕ້ Mr. Sompasong HP
4 ທ້າວ. ບຸນຖັນ ກີ່ງແກ້ວ Web site ການໂຄສະນສີນຄ້າ ໂທລະສັບມືຖື Mr. Khaosai HP
5 ນາງ. ຄຳບາງ ເທບພະວົງ ປັດໄຈທີ່ສົ່ງຜົນສະທ້ອນຕໍ່ນັກສຶກສາວິທະຍາໄລ ການຄ້າທີ່ເລືອກໃຊ້ ອີນເຕີເນັດ 3G ຂອງ ບໍລິສັດ Unitel Mr. Souliphon HP
6 ນາງ. ສຸລັດວະດີ ຄຳສິງ ປັດໃຈທີ່ສົ່ງຜົນຕໍ່ລູກຄ້າທີ່ເລືອກຊື້ສິນຄ້າ ຂອງ ບໍລິສັດ ນີໂອລູເຊີ່ນ ເທັກໂນໂລຢີ່ ຄອມພີວເຕີ້ Mr. Thipphakone HP
7 ນາງ. ກຸລາພອນ ສຸກຄຳດີ ສຶກສາຄວາມພຶງພໍໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າທີ່ມາໃຊ້ບໍລິການເບີເຕີມເງີນຂອງລາວໂທລະຄົມ ທີ່ ບ້ານໂພນປ່າເປົ້າ Mr. Souliphon HP
8 ນາງ. ສຸວັນໂນ ມີໄຊ ສຶກສາການຕັດສິນໃຈຂອງລູກຄ້າທີ່ເລືອກໃຊ້ບໍລິການ ບັນຊີເງິນຝາກຂອງທະນາຄານຮ່ວມພັດທະນາ Mr. Souliphon HP
9 ທ້າວ ກົມຄີມ ສຸລີນເຄືອ ເວັບໄຊ໌ລວບລວມປື້ມລາວ Mr. Khaosai HP
10 ທ້າວ ອາກິລາ ວິເຄາະການລົງທຶນ-ຜົນຕອບແທນທີ່ເປັນໄປໄດ້ຂອງການສ້າງໂຮງຮຽນອານຸບານ Mr. Thipphakone HP
11 ທ້າວ ໂພຄຳ ການລົງທືນ: ຝາມເຫັດ (ປູກເຫັດ) ວິເຄາະການລົງທຶນຝາມເຫັດ Mr. Thipphakone HP
12 ທ້າວ ໄຊນຸ ອຸ່ນຍາວົງ ລະບົບຈັດການລູກຄ້າຂອງຮ້ານ Sopha Photo Mr. Khaosai HP
13 ທ້າວ ອຸດົມ ແກ້ວອາທິພັນ ລະບົບຈັດການຄິດໄລ່ເງິນເດືອນພະນັກງານບໍລິສັດຢາສູບ / ລະບົບຈັດການພະນັກງານ ກັບ ລູກຄ້າຂອງບໍລິສັດແປພາສາ Mr. Khaosai HP
14 ທ້າວ ໄຊຍະວົງ ຈິນດາວົງ ລະບົບກອງທຶນໝູ່ບ້ານ Mr. Sompasong HP
15 ທ້າວ ສຸກພະຈັນ ເວັບໄຊໂຄສະນາລົດຈັກ Honda Mr. Sompasong HP


ID Title Name Teacher Degrec
1 Miss Alisa PHONGSA Everyday Life to Stay Healthy Teacher Joel BC
2 Miss Phonemala NORASING Divorce Trends in Laos Teacher Joel BC
3 Miss Litthida SOUKKASEUM Reasons for Lao Teens Drinking Alcohol Teacher Joel BC
4 Miss Phavika Kimanivong Why Lao People Consume Thai Products Teacher Sam BC
5 Miss Viengsavanh Manisay Lao’s Participation in the WTO—Is it Advantageous or Dis-advantageous? from a Student’s Perspective Teacher Sam BC


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