Director meets freshman students


On Sep 15, 2016, Director of Lao-Top College Prof. Lamphay Khoundavong met freshman students from department of Finance-Accounting, IT, and Computer Business.

The director started from these classes to spread regulations, events, and term calendar. He told students to keep the rules and don’t miss the class or come to school lately. One of the rule which he mentioned is about logo and nectie, every student of Lao-Top College must put logo and tie a necktie of Lao-Top College to show the respect to college.

Mr. Lampay also told students to study hard and focus on lessons to get outstanding award from him. Outstanding award can give students some discount of tuition fees. Another ward is the best attendance award which given to students who never miss the class from first day untill the final exam day.

Mr. Lamphay plans to meet other classes later according to his schedule. From this year his goal is try best to make a bachelor degree meanwhile college must match the criterias of QA from Ministry of Education and Sports. and another goal is to make 1,000 students. “College will give the best education and provide the best teachers from every student to make the best human resouces” said Prof. Lamphay Khoundavong

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